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The Sunnect AP501SN Keyless Door Lock, Satin Nickel is not only loaded with style, but is durable and complements all types of décor. Designed by engineers that are leaders in the industry, this product is manufactured with ISO 9001 management certifications of quality and top notch five-star facilities for manufacturing. Durable materials and construction which is high quality is able to withstand any type of prying, hammering and kicking. The deadbolt lock is controlled digitally and has a couple of different tag keys that are electronic. Entry is allowed by the lock when the tag key touches it and it is not necessary to worry about stolen or lost tag keys. This is because you just delete the tags from this product and anyone who finds the tag key will find them useless. A keyless entry option is another alternative. All you need to do is create and enter a pass code of between 3 digits up to 20digits and the door opens.

The ‘decoy digits’ of the lock is a deterrent to hackers by digits that are random getting entered before the true code is entered. The elimination of a keyhole protects you from lock pickers that use gum, glue or sand. In other words, any type of breaking in situation is virtually impossible with this product. There are three varied finishes for you to choose from and this product also has a limited warranty of 2 years which includes the option of express. In the event you need a lock for replacement, you do not need to return the one being used until the arrival of the replacement. You can use this deadbolt by itself or with other hardware of the door, which is not included. Included in the box with this product is a statement of warranty, a manual for installation, a user’s manual, all the screws that are required by the installation and four double “A” batteries. There are also 2 digital key tags and the Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection door digital lock.

Sunnect AP501SN Keyless Door Lock Features and Specifications

  • Digital technology is patent pending with entry which is keyless and a keypad that is backlit
  • Includes four double ‘A’ batteries and two digital keys
  • Standard installation fits up to two inch-doors
  • Easy 3-step installation

The Reviews

One reviewer said that this product is well-constructed, well-made, heavy and have a finish and fit second to none. The technology that went into building and designing this product is quite impressive. Far superior to anything else this reviewer has tried, the auto-lock feature is by far the best.

Another reviewer said that the installation of this product is quick and easy. There are no complicated directions that need to be followed and basically, this product is a great replacement to regular deadbolts. Sturdy, easy to fit and great finish, this product may be a bit more expensive than other products in the market but they pay for themselves once you lose your key and do not need to call the locksmith.

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