Kwikset 909 11P Keyless Door Lock

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The Kwikset 909 11P Keyless Door Lock, Venetian Bronze is a single cylinder keyless entry deadbolt. The keypad is lighted with a one-touch lock that has a motorized deadbolt. There is an automatic lock feature after thirty seconds and an automatic deadbolt handling.

There is also a keyway alternate entry feature cylinder for smart key, a lock with higher pick resistance which removes the need for old-fashioned keying. It is also bump resistant and you can achieve rekeying with the learning tool included in mere seconds. Polished brass number 909 SMT CP L03. Venetian bronze 11P and Number 909 11P CP SMT nickel satin 15. The dimensions are 10.5 inches by 7.6 inches by 6 inches. With a shipping weight of 2.9 pounds, this product is convenient to use. You can set either of the two codes between four and eight numbers with codes which are easily set.

Kwikset 909 11P Keyless Door Lock Features and Specifications

  • Replaces any standard deadbolts easily
  • Locking convenience is one-touch
  • No hard wiring required and easy to install with just a screw driver
  • Keyless entry that is secure, for use on doors on your home’s exterior
  • Kwikset Series Signature Product

The Reviews

One reviewer bought this product due to the fact that he and his family keep losing their house keys. The product was easy to install in a Baldwin existing deadbolt in less than fifteen minutes. All of the codes you program are not that hard to do. The outside has a nice brass finish and works great. The automatic lock feature comes in really handy especially on busy mornings when you just forget to lock the door. Not having to carry keys anywhere is just a joy. Using both a keypad and a key, this product is constructed solidly and does the job you need it to do. The motor that moves the deadbolt inside the unit works really well.

Another reviewer says that “the fact that I live alone means that I will be locked out if I misplace my key.” This unit has a great keypad that lights up at night and very straightforward installation. The procedure for programming the unit is quite easy and “I plan to get another one for the door of my garage.” The batteries are not just easy to change when they finally run out, but another plus is that they won’t be running out for years. When I go for my early morning run, I do not need to worry about a thing unlike before I had this product and half my mind was just on remembering where I put the keys. Having lost the keys a few times in the past, it turns out that the price the locksmith charges is more expensive than the cost of this keyless deadbolt. “I now recommend it to all my single friends who live alone or with people who keep losing their keys. Why spend on a locksmith when all you need is this deadbolt.”

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