ASEDrive MTMotorized

ASEDrive IIIe MT is a member of Athena’s new family of smart card readers. ASEDrive IIIe MT supports all major international standards such as ISO7816, as well as PC/SC in Windows and Linux. All ISO7816 compliant CPU-based smart cards, as well as most memory cards are supported.


ASEDrive IIIe MT is designed for reliable and long lasting reader. The reader includes several fail-safe mechanisms:

Power Failure Card Ejection System

The Reader has a power-failure card-ejection system. This system will automatically eject a card when a power failure occurs. To enable this system, an optional external capacitor needs to be connected to the reader.

Front Gate

The Front Card Gate prevents coins, dust, moisture, and debris, from entering the unit. The gate resists opening except when ISO-size card enters the unit.


Various input and output relay and power options are available under request and may be operated through PC/SC API. A rugged casing option is available.


Driver Download

High speed and ultra reliable motorized smart card reader using Athena ASEDrive IIIe technology. 


  • Contact smart card reader complying with all major international standards including, ISO7816 and Microsoft PC/SC WHQL certified drivers.
  • Supporting all CPU-based smart cards as well as memory cards.
  • High-speed communication.
  • Upgradeable Flash Memory.
  • Rugged, Zinc die-cast chassis.
  • Up to 500K insertion/removal cycles.
  • Support of embossed cards.