ASEDrive IIIe DI px100Contactless 

Athena Contactless, Dual Intarface, NFC and PACS readers add international contactless standards; such as ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B, MIFARE, FeliCa, ISO/IEC 18092and ISO/IEC 1569, to ASEDrive's core reader technology. ASEDrive contactless readers also support industry and de-facto standards, such as Microsoft’s PC/SC, to offer unparalleled support for ISO 7816 compliant CPU-based smart cards and major brand memory cards.

ASEDrive Contactless Overview

All ASEDrive contactless smart card readers share the same core Athena technology, however, add ISO14443 Type A and B protocol support. They support contactless CPU smartcards based on international and industry standards such as ISO, EMV, and JICSAP, as well as CAC, Java Cards and memory cards.

Complies with all major standards and certifications

ASEDrive readers comply with all major international and industry standards such as ISO7816, Microsoft PC/SC, EMV, JIS X6303/6304, FIPS201 and is suitable for any smart card application without exception. ASEDrive IIIe is certified as Designed for XP, Working with Vista logo and “Compatible with Windows 7” by Microsoft. Certified by USB Implementers Forum as a USB Full 2.0 Speed device.


ASEDrive DI web px100

USB dual interface read/write smart card reader.


  • Contactless:
    • ISO14443 Type A & B MIFARE read/write.
    • MIFARE read/write.
    • JIS X 6319-4 (FeliCa1) read/write.
    • passive initiator mode according to ISO/IEC 18092.
    • ISO/IEC 15693 read/write.
  • Contact:
    • ISO 7816.
  • Power source: USB.
  • Driver: CCID.
  • Cards supported: ISO 7816 T=0, T=1, CAC and EMV.
  • Host support: Windows, LINUX and Mac.


PACS_web px100

Fully-featured smartcard proximity readers/writer, ideal for highly security facilities or use in access control, intrusion, detection or time and attendance applications.


  • Advanced, secure, multi-application functionality for intelligent applications.
  • Easy to deployment using configuration card (Master card) .
  • Configurable multi output formats.
  • Multiple keypad transmission formats (optional).
  • Reads ISO14443 A/B & Mifare Standard.
  • Dedicated LED and buzzer control inputs.
  • Optical tamper sensor for case and wall tamper detection.
  • Reads dedicated customer’s sector or serial number.
  • Internal Secure Access Module (SAM) socket (optional).
  • Outdoor use and weather-resistance (IP65).