Athena’s ePassport solutions, IDPass and Smart Plus, provide secure contactless platforms to store biometric identification information for use in digital passport and identification projects.

Authenticating Travelers' Identities

Complying with the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s ePassport specification, Doc 9303, IDPass and Smart Plus are ideal platforms for ePassport projects.


Common Criteria Java Card powered solutions available in dual interface or contactless form factors.

IDPass supports:

  • Chip Authentication (BAC and EAC)
  • Terminal Authentication (DH and ECDH)
  • Active Authentication (AA)
  • Logical Data Structures (LDS)

IDPass also supports:

  • Password Authenticated Connection Establishment (PACE)
  • Supplementary Access Control (SAC)

IDPass Certification

IDPass has been Common Criteria EAL4+ MRTD-PP evaluated for both BAC and EAC, ensuring in-field solution integrity.

Smart Plus

Athena Smart Plus is designed to address the growing market for secure government documents, such as Driving License, Transportation, Card Registration, ID, Travel and other eGov applications, which require a modest amount of data storage capacity coupled with state of the art security.

Athena Smart Plus Contactless supports ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 Type B protocols and can be used in a  variety of scenarios and form factors.

Athena Smart Plus includes a hierarchical file system allowing multiple application, key sets, PINs and biometric data storage and matching. It is powered by Athena's own native OS, ASEPcos.

Application designers can chose from a range of file system and application access methods including the ICAO access mode coupled with BAC authentication. 


CC Certificate (BAC)
CC Certificate (EAC)

Common Criteria certified dual interface Java Card platform with ICAO BAC and EAC support.


  • ICAO Doc 9303 (BAC, EAC, AA, LDS)
  • PACE and SAC
  • Common Criteria EAL4+ MRTD PP certified (BAC and EAC)
  • Up to 80k EEPROM
  • ISO 14443 Type B
  • Java Card 2.2.2
  • GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
  • DES and 3DES
  • RSA
  • DH (ECDH and DH)
  • AES
  • SHA-1, -224 (EC_FP), -256, 384 and 512
  • Biometric Match-On-Card Application (Optional)

Smart Plus


Contact, Dual interface or Contactless native platform with ICAO BAC support.


  • 8k and 32k EEPROM options
  • ISO 14443 Type B
  • ISO 7816
  • Secure messaging (BAC + Secure BAC)
  • 3DES key file system security
  • File system hierarchy (up to 4 levels)
  • 3DES and AES key objects
  • Biometric Match-On-Card Application (Optional)
  • ePurse application (Optional)